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Hillel Marans, MD

Dr. Marans is a board-certified urologist offering the highest quality of care to patients throughout Midtown Manhattan. He specializes in diagnosing and treating numerous urologic conditions including BPH, Incontinence, and Kidney Stones. Call (212) 206-9130 to schedule an appointment at our urology office today!

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When To See A Urologist For Kidney Stone Treatment

Ask anyone who has ever passed a kidney stone if they would like to do it again. Chances are, your answer will be an immediate “no!” It can be one of the most painful things, maybe next to childbirth, we can endure. They will tell you to run to a urologist if you have certain symptoms, and they will tell you once you have a kidney stone, you are likely to have more. Then they will explain the importance of and when to see a urologist for kidney stone treatment.… Continue Reading

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