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5 Stars

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5 Stars

Dr Hillel Y. Marans, urologist is a very great , professional doctor . He is very kind, patience with his client and extremely knowledgable , attentive , informative . He hires medical assistance who helped to prepare his client they are all so nice , wise and they are all medical student . His office is so clean and organized . You not waiting so long to see the doctor . Everything goes smoothly . I highly recommend this doctor .
5 Stars

Dr. Maran is a brilliant doctor, he's very loving, patient, knowledgeable and I wish we had more doctors like him in this world. He makes one feel family. All God's Blessings!
5 Stars

I could not be happier with Hillel MARANS, M.D., and his staff. He is an exceptionally attentive and caring doctor who always takes the time to give detailed, lucid answers to all questions. I have complete confidence in his advice and care and also appreciate his good sense of humor. As I mentioned, his staff is excellent.
5 Stars

I received a transurethral bilateral resection of the prostate from Dr. Marans more than two years ago. It has been a complete success with no change in results since the initial recovery. Down time after surgery was minimal and pain free. This surgery has impacted my day-to-day life--work, social--in so many ways. I feel like a new (and much younger) man. It is not an exaggeration to say it has been a life-changing procedure!
5 Stars

Dr. Marens is a professional and caring physician. Skilled and collegial; recommended highly.
5 Stars

Grateful to you and your staff for highest quality care and kind and all around courteous and professional manner. I felt at ease and at the best possible medical office.
5 Stars

I have been his pt for almost 30 yrs. A unique combination of professionalism, attention to detail, "bedside manner", humor, and follow-ups, are unlike any others I've worked with.
5 Stars

I’ve been seeing Dr. Marans for more than 5 years. Highly recommended!!!
5 Stars

He is an excellent doctor and I highly recommend him! I’ve know him for several years.
5 Stars

I have been a patient of Dr. Marans for years. Dr. Marans is excellent at his profession and answers all the questions. He has good sense of humor too. The staff and assistant are very nice and helpful. I always have good experiences during my visiting. Dr. Marans did the Urolift procedure for me and it went well. Thanks again, Dr Marans!
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