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Barrigel Prostate Cancer Treatment in NYC

Dr. Hillel Marans is a board-certified urologist with 34 years of experience diagnosing and treating men with prostate cancer throughout Midtown Manhattan. While prostate cancer is treatable, there are many negative side effects that may come from prostate radiation therapy. Dr. Marans offers Barrigel to reduce the effects of prostate radiation therapy in patients. If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and are seeking, contact Dr. Marans and discuss if prostate radiation therapy is right for you and how Barrigel can help. To schedule your consultation at our urology clinic in NYC, please call (212) 206-9130 or request an appointment online.

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 If you have been diagnoed with prostate cancer and seeking treatment, contact Dr. Hillel Marans to discuss prostate radiation therapy and how Barrigel can lessen your symptoms. To schedule your prostate cancer consultation at our urology clinic in Midtown Manhattan, please call (212) 206-9130 or request an appointment online. Our office is conveniently located for men with prostate cancer located in Chelsea, Union Square, Murray Hill, and Greenwich Village.

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