SpaceOAR Specialist in NYC

Dr. Hillel Marans is a board-certified urologist that is highly trained in the SpaceOAR procedure for men with prostate cancer. With over 34 years of experience treating men in the New York City area, Dr. Marans can answer all of your prostate cancer treatment questions.  Call (212) 206-9130 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Marans today!

What is SpaceOAR® Hydrogel?

SpaceOAR hydrogel is an option for men who undergo radiation treatment for prostate cancer. It acts as a spacer providing space between the rectum and the prostate, making it much less likely that the rectum is exposed to radiation. It is injected into place prior to the start of radiation treatment. Patients may be awake or asleep under general anesthesia for the procedure. SpaceOAR hydrogel is minimally invasive, remains stable during radiation therapy and then is gradually absorbed by the body after radiation therapy has been completed.

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